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Officers and Directors


President: Molly Nessinger

Vice President: Marilou Wilschke

Secretary: Jim Cooke

Treasurer: Barb Fahey

Past President: Connie MacQueen


Janel Becker

Barbara Fahey

Elisabeth LeBris

Jacqueline Lopez

Kristen Pettry

Megan Posch

Tom Thorpe

Mark Utoft

Melissa Vasic

Directors Emeritus:

Diana Schaefer

Professional Advisors:

Christopher Huntoon

Brittany Nystedt

Erica Savary

Administrative Manager: 

Cheryl Rangel - Traces CT

Horse Show Managers:

Cheryl Rangel

Spring Fling | Signature


Dan Shirley

Mane Event

Affiliated Shows Coordinator:

Marilou Wilschke

High Point Coordinator:

Molly Nessinger Casey

Committee Chairs:

Executive: Molly Nessinger

Nominating: Barb Fahey

Finance: Barb Fahey

Special Events: Elisabeth LeBris

Horse Show: Mark Utoft

Marketing/Social Media: Marilou Wilschke

Membership: Jackie Lopez

Trophy: Melissa Vasic

Youth Award Program: Megan Posch

Good Hands: Connie MacQueen

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