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Mid-America Mane Event

October 16-19, 2024 Springfield, IL


Tammie Conatser, Matthew Roberts, Jimmy Robertson

Show Manager:  Dan Shirley, Simpsonville, SC  PH: 864-630-1669  email:

Show Secretary:  Kristen Pettry, Inverness, IL  PH: 815-347-4395  email:

*NEW THIS YEAR*   Wednesday – Saturday


October 11 – 14, 2023


When it’s Fall, it’s MANE EVENT

The Illinois State Fairgrounds has long-been considered one of the premier horse show facilities in the country and Mid-America Horse Show Association is pleased to host our 21st Annual Mane Event Horse Show at the Fairgrounds again this year.  Our schedule provides a full array of Performance, Pleasure, Equitation, Hackney and Road Horse classes.  Exhibitors competing for the annual Mid-America Series Championships will take their victory pass at this show.


As proud owner of The Good Hands program, Mid-America Horse Show Association will again host The Good Hands National Finals, officially sponsored by National Horseman Publishing, during Mane Event.  This championship is the first leg of the Triple Crown competition for junior exhibitors and completes the Triple Crown adult equitation riders’ competition.  For information on holding a Good Hands Junior Exhibitor qualifying class at your local show, click on The Good Hands Final.


Mane Event is proud to host three special Roadster classes this year. 

·     $90,000 Mid-America Roadster Challenge

·     $20,000 Guccio Roadster Classic

·     $30,000 Roadster Breeder’s Futurity


Click on the tabs for more information.:







 Class # 90 : $35,000 Three-Year Old Standardbred Breeder’s Cup (Exhibition)

Payout: 1st Place-50% - 2nd Place 25% - 3rd Place 12.5% - 4th Place 10% - 5th Place – 5%

  • Only registered three-year old Standardbreds are eligible for this class

  • Purse and Trophy sponsored by the Breeder’s Cup Futurity and Select Sale.

  • $1000 Nomination Fee – Contact Daniel Gingerich (937) 812-1152 for nominations.

  • Horses must be entered in Class #90 via – class fee $45

  • Added Rules: Third gait, At Speed, will be considerably slower.  If horse breaks for a length or more, it shall be placed at the bottom of the class.  Skipping around the corner will be modestly penalized.



Added Classes:

24A AHHS Youth Medallion Hackney Roadster Pony

28A ASB Classic Pleasure All Ages
57A ASB Classic Pleasure All Ages Championship

20A Three Gaited Saddle Pony 17/Under

88A Three Gaited Saddle Pony 17/Under Championship

27A Five Gaited Saddle Pony 17/Under

95A Five Gaited Saddle Pony 17/Under Championship


Classic Pleasure Specifications: This section is open to amateurs and juvenile riders only. Stallions are prohibited. Classic Pleasure horses must be plain shod - rim pads, synthetic or natural rubber, egg bar or a single pad allowed. Wedge pads and bands are prohibited. Any motion or action resulting from shoeing is to be penalized. Horses are to be shown with a full mane and tail. Not to be braided. Tail switches allowed.
Gait requirements: flat walk, trot and canter. Classic Pleasure entries are to stand quietly and back in the line up. 
Judged On: Classic Pleasure horses should be natural and relaxed, demonstrate a quiet and calm attitude, perform with flawless manners and appear to be absolutely agreeable to the commands of the rider. The Classic Pleasure horse’s headset and motion should compliment its natural conformation. Horses exhibiting aggressiveness, over-collection, excess animation or labored motion to be penalized.  Judged 80% on manners and natural way of going. 20% on conformation. 

Online entries available at

To camp at the fairgrounds:

You may check in directly at the campgrounds when you arrive at the fairgrounds.  Their host works 11:30 AM to 9 PM, Tuesday through Saturday.  The host will assign you a camping space. The daytime phone number is  217-524-9894.


If you are arriving after these hours, you may call Security at 217-725-0120 and receive a location.


Security is available 24 hours seven days a week.



The following hotels are proud supporters of the Mid-America Mane Event Horse Show!

You must mention Mane Event Horse Show when making reservations in order to get the special horse show rates. Host hotels blocks end September 17, 2023

Ramada Springfield North.jpg



3281 Northfield Drive

Springfield, IL 62702



Service Support Animals Welcome

Residence Inn North.jpg



2915 Stanford Avenue

Springfield, IL 62703




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