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Youth Award Program


Once you are a member you can start earning points toward your year-end award.


How do I accumulate points?

Participants are responsible for keeping track of their activities.  Points are awarded based on the activity.  Some of the activities include: (Click HERE to see what you need to do to earn points)

  • Volunteer hours (helping out at your barn, equine therapy program, horse shows, sharing the American Saddlebred, etc)

  • Horse Care (worksheet of 10 designated tasks)

  • Trainer/Judge Interview

  • Video/Photo demonstration (explain how to complete a horse related task)

Click HERE to download the necessary forms

Youth Group High Point Awards

Groups can earn their own Champion and Reserve Champion Award

Mid-America Youth Groups can earn year-end High Point Champion and Reserve Champion Awards.  Points will be based on the number of community service hours performed as a group (group must be 3 or more members). 


Medals and Awards will be presented at the annual Mid-America Horse Show Banquet.

For questions, or more information on the Youth Award Program: 

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