Youth Award Activities

The Youth Award Program is open to all youth riders, not just those currently competing at horse shows.  We have created activities to encourage youth participation outside of the ring and many can be done with a friend!


Junior Exhibitor Bingo

Download our bingo board, and have fun finding other junior exhibitors who meet the requirement of each individual square!  When you find another junior rider who meets a requirement, have him or her sign that square.  Riders can sign up to two squares per board, and Youth Award Program participants can send in up to two completed boards, provided the signatures in each box are different.  Each completed board will earn two participation hours toward your medal


What Happened at the Horse Show?

Want to watch the show with a friend? Download our session questionnaire and fill it out as you watch the session. Be sure to get an authorized signature from the horse show office after your session to validate your form. Riders can submit as many completed questionnaires as they would like, and each form is worth two participation hours.


Horse Show Volunteering

Want to get more involved at the show? Talk to someone in the horse show office about volunteer opportunities. Volunteering through the horse show office is a great way to get behind the scenes of what goes into putting on a horse show. Be sure to download any activity log, fill out your activity and obtain a show office signature to validate all volunteering.  The number volunteer hours obtained count toward the total number of participation hours you achieve


Junior Judging

Many horse shows provide opportunities for all riders to participate in junior judging, where riders can go into centering, judge a class and compare to and learn from the judge. This is a great opportunity to see the ring from the judge’s perspective and learn more about what they look for during a class. Be sure to download the junior judging log and get a signature from the horse show office. Participants need to complete one junior judging event to meet the requirements for the silver medal, and two events to be eligible for a gold medal.


Trainer or Judge Interview

Interviewing a trainer or judge is an opportunity to learn more about the horse industry and what goes into show horses. We have created a set of questions ready for you to ask the trainer or judge of your choosing. If you prefer, you can ask them your own questions as well. Download our interview questions and talk to the person of your choice. Be sure to get their signature and to validate your responses.  If you would like your interview questions to be featured on our website, make sure to sign the form as well as to give us your permission. Participants need to complete one trainer or judge interview to be eligible for a silver medal, and two to earn a gold medal.


When you have completed all the forms to earn your medal, please send all materials together to:

Brittany Balagna at

For questions, or more information on the Youth Award Program:

Brittany Nystedt, 

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