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Youth Award Activities


The Youth Award Program is open to all youth riders, not just those currently competing at horse shows.  We have created activities to encourage youth participation outside of the ring and many can be done with a friend!


Horse Care Worksheet

Want to learn how to give the horses you love even more care and attention, or maybe you already do? We’ve created the Horse Care Worksheet for riders to demonstrate mastery of different horse-related skills on the ground. From grooming to tacking up to cleaning, download and complete the worksheet to the satisfaction of your trainer or instructor to work your way toward a silver or gold medal.

What Happened at the Horse Show?

Want to watch the show with a friend? Download our session questionnaire and fill it out as you watch the session. Riders can submit as many completed questionnaires as they would like, and each form is worth two participation hours.



We know many of our riders spend lots of time in the barn or volunteering for different horse programs, which is why we’ve expanded our individual medal volunteer hours to include your time helping at your barn, helping at horse shows, or helping at any horse charity organization. Download the Individual Participation Log to keep track of your time spent helping, tell us what activities you did during each session, and have your supervisor (trainer, instructor, etc) sign off before you leave for the day.

Junior Judging

Many horse shows provide opportunities for all riders to participate in junior judging, where riders can go into centering, judge a class and compare to and learn from the judge. This is a great opportunity to see the ring from the judge’s perspective and learn more about what they look for during a class. Be sure to download the junior judging log and get a signature from the horse show office. Participants need to complete one junior judging event to meet the requirements for the silver medal, and two events to be eligible for a gold medal.


Trainer or Judge Interview

Interviewing a trainer or judge is an opportunity to learn more about the horse industry and what goes into show horses. We have created a set of questions ready for you to ask the trainer or judge of your choosing. If you prefer, you can ask them your own questions as well. Download our interview questions and talk to the person of your choice. Be sure to get their signature and to validate your responses.  If you would like your interview questions to be featured on our website, make sure to sign the form as well as to give us your permission. Participants need to complete one trainer or judge interview to be eligible for a silver medal, and two to earn a gold medal.

Video/Photo Demonstration:

Have a skill you want to share with other riders? With the help or supervision of your trainer/instructor, make a short video demonstrating a task of your choice (can be selected from the Horse Care Worksheet if you need ideas!) or a riding skill (i.e. canter start, pattern, equitation skill, etc.) OR snap a picture (or step-by-step photos) of a completed task and write a brief summary of how to complete it. Submit entries to to be in the running for a gold medal!


When you have completed all the forms to earn your medal, please send all materials together to:

Brittany Balagna at

For questions, or more information on the Youth Award Program: 

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