MAHSA is pleased to again present their Caretaker’s Award at a special presentation during the Mane Event Horse Show.

MAHSA instituted the Caretaker’s Award in 2017 to show appreciation for the important role and contributions of Caretakers in the horse industry. While the Caretaker’s Award is designed to recognize all Caretakers, it specifically honors one Caretaker who is nominated as demonstrating an outstanding commitment to the Saddlebred Horse, their clients and the industry. 

Each MAHSA member and Barn will soon receive, via email, the form to use to nominate a Caretaker to receive this award. Nominations for this award must be received no later than September 30. An independent committee will review all nominations and select the Caretaker who best meets the criteria for this award (the criteria will be included with the nomination form). 

Please take the time to nominate your favorite Caretaker to receive this award that provides special recognition of the contributions they make every day.  The recipient of the Caretaker’s Award will receive a plaque and cash award during a presentation at the Mane Event Horse Show.