The Good Hands National Finals

Held at Mid-America Mane Event October 14-17, 2021

Attention Jr Exhibitor and Adult Riders:

Expect to enter to compete at the Finals in October?  Complete the Intent to Show form and send it, along with a jpeg of your favorite head shot of yourself for inclusion in the new featured Good Hands contenders Banners to run during the webcast throughout the shows performances.  Any Questions, contact Connie MacQueen at conniemacqueen@comcast.net.

Current Listing of Junior Exhibitors that have qualified for the 2021 Good Hands Finals (updated throughout the year): 

Emma DuCoeur

Jacqueline Schatzberg

Avery Ocherster

Emily Egnar

Alexandra Stewart

Patrick McMurtrie

Alayna Applegate

Ella Hampton

Channing Turner

Emma Suedmeyer

Finn Cooper

Allie Daury

Lauren Stuckmeyer

Samantha Swiger

Sarah Hazuda

Maggie Keith

Morgan Peer

Olivia Kritzler

Ella White

Mallory Lawrence

Heather Tampa

Hannah Sweet

Lilly French

Allyssa Watanapongse

Richie Dallen

Anna Schippert

Brie Keeton

Alivia Garwood

Kylie Anderson

Ashley Perry

Piper O'Claire

Laney Lochar

Isabelle Fischer

Gracelynn Boyko

Corinne Rogers

Sarah Wallace

Payton Duerr

Hanna Agathen

Any Adult Rider that has competed in one equitation class is eligible for the Adult Good Hands Final. Please submit the Intent to Show form and send it in along with the photo as soon as possible if you expect to be attending!